real experiences in a digital world

Flying Content is a digital storytelling company which believes that location is one of the most important elements for meaningful experiences.

Our mobile devices, wearables, or connected cars know exactly where we are — and that is why we work on content and delivery methods that take location into account.

Flying Content will help you connect to your audience through their devices, wherever they are: in their neighborhood, in the city, or in another country.

  • News and information delivery based on location coordinates
  • Storytelling products for mobile: depending on who and where the user is, different information can be delivered
  • Integration between Content Management Systems (CMS) and map platforms
  • For the audience: Automatic buttons that save addresses directly into users’ Google, Apple, and Bing maps (perfect for food and travel content)
  • VR rooms that explain the original context of important artworks
  • Treasure hunts that help people to move around and engage with exhibits, such as Pokémon Go-like physical + digital quests
  • Museum characters come to life as narrators of special tours
  • Specific tours for specific audiences
  • Help repeated visitors know which pieces they have already seen
  • City tours for Uber rides
  • Customized digital tours for AirBnB City Hosts
  • Walking tours enhanced by Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Audio travel guides triggered by location, for mobile devices and connected cars
  • Push notifications for travel guides’ contents, in bite-sized format

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Press and awards

Acquarone said he thinks geolocated news could allow media to repurpose articles or “old news? they already have paid for. In his opinion, that could be very interesting for companies — as in the 24/7 news cycle, content gets old very fast.

Startups for News is an international competition that rewards the best start­ups bringing novel solutions to newsroom challenges. Flying Content was one of 8 finalists in the 2016 Global Editors Network (GEN) contest.

So what’s next for the startups? Many are already at work on the next phase of product development, building out their content and services.


Eduardo Acquarone is a Brazilian writer, director, creator, and producer of digital products using mobile, social, gamification, and geolocation elements.

Eduardo was a Digital Emmy Non-Fiction finalist for Globo Amazônia, a collaborative news portal which engaged users in making nearly 55 million virtual protests against forest fires and deforestation in the Amazon.

Flying Content was developed when Eduardo was a 2015 Fellow at CUNY's Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism in New York.